Instruments available to trade via leveraged CFDs and Spot Rolling FX.

Product Name Symbol
Euro / US Dollar EURUSD
Great Britain Pound / US Dollar GBPUSD
US Dollar / Japanese Yen USDJPY
US Dollar / Swiss Franc USDCHF
Australian Dollar / US Dollar AUDUSD
US Dollar / Canadian Dollar USDCAD
New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar NZDUSD
Product Name Symbol
Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar AUDCAD
Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc AUDCHF
Australian Dollar / Euro AUDEUR
Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar AUDNZD
Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen AUDJPY
Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc CADCHF
Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen CADJPY
Swiss Franc / Great Britain Pound CHFGBP
Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen CHFJPY
Euro / Australian Dollar EURAUD
Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar EURCAD
Euro / Swiss Franc EURCHF
Euro / Great Britain Pound EURGBP
Euro / Japanese Yen EURJPY
Euro / New Zealand Dollar EURNZD
Great Britain Pound / Australian Dollar GBPAUD
Great Britain Pound / Canadian Dollar GBPCAD
Great Britain Pound / Swiss Franc GBPCHF
Great Britain Pound / Japanese Yen GBPJPY
Great Britain Pound / New Zealand Dollar GBPNZD
New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar NZDCAD
New Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc NZDCHF
New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen NZDJPY
Product Name Symbol
Swiss Franc / Norway Krone CHFNOK
Swiss Franc / Singapore Dollar CHFSGD
Euro / Czech Koruna EURCZK
Euro / Danish Krone EURDKK
Euro / Hong Kong Dollar EURHKD
Euro / Hungarian Forint EURHUF
Euro / Indian Rupee EURINR
Euro / Mexican Peso EURMXN
Euro / Norway Krone EURNOK
Euro / Polish Zloty EURPLN
Euro / Turkish Lira EURTRY
Euro / South Africa Rand EURZAR
Great Britain Pound / Danish Krone GBPDKK
Great Britain Pound / Norway Krone GBPNOK
Great Britain Pound / Sweedish Krona GBPSEK
Great Britain Pound / Singapore Dollar GBPSGD
Great Britain Pound / Turkish Lira GBPTRY
Norway Krone / Sweedish Krona NOKSEK
New Zealand Dollar / Singapore Dollar NZDSGD
Singapore Dollar / Japanese Yen SGDJPY
US Dollar / Argentina Peso USDARS
US Dollar / Brazil Real USDBRL
US Dollar / Chile Peso USDCLP
US Dollar / Chinese Yuan USDCNH
US Dollar / Colombian Peso USDCOP
US Dollar / Czeck Koruna USDCZK
US Dollar / Danish Krone USDDKK
US Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar USDHKD
US Dollar / Hungarian Forint USDHUF
US Dollar / Indonesian Rupiah USDIDR
US Dollar / Israel Shekel USDILS
US Dollar / India Rupee USDINR
US Dollar / South Korean Won USDKRW
US Dollar / Kazakhstani Tenge USDKZT
US Dollar / Mexican Peso USDMXN
US Dollar / Malaysian Ringgit USDMYR
US Dollar / Norway Krone USDNOK
US Dollar / Polish Zloty USDPLN
US Dollar / Russian Ruble USDRUB
US Dollar / Sweedish Krona USDSEK
US Dollar / Singapore Dollar USDSGD
US Dollar / Thai Baht USDTHB
US Dollar / Turkish Lira USDTRY
US Dollar / Taiwan Dollar USDTWD
US Dollar / South Africa Rand USDZAR
South Africa Rand / Japanese Yen ZARJPY
Product Name Symbol Contract Size Digit
Silver vs US Dollar (Ounce) XAGUSD 5000 4
Gold vs US Dollar (Ounce) XAUUSD 100 2
Gold vs US Dollar GAUUSD 1000 3
Gold vs Turkish Lira GAUTRY 1000 3
Product Name Symbol Contract Size USD Tick P&L Digit Quote Currency
Coffee Offexchange KC 375 18.75 2 USD
Sugar Offexchange SB 1120 11.2 2 USD
Soybean Offexchange S# 50 12.5 2 USD
Soybean Oil Offexchange BO 600 6 2 USD
Soybean Meal Offexchange SM 100 10 1 USD
Wheat Offexchange W# 50 12.5 2 USD
Cotton Offexchange CT 500 5 2 USD
Cocoa Offexchange CC 10 10 0 USD
Corn Offexchange C# 50 12.5 2 USD
Product Name Symbol Contract Size USD Tick P&L Digit Quote Currency
DAX Offexchange DAX 25 33.295 1 EUR
Mini Dow Offexchange DM 5 5 0 USD
E-mini S&P 500 Offexchange ES 50 12.5 2 USD
Nikkei 225 Offexchange NKD 5 5 0 USD
Mini NASDAQ Offexchange NQ 20 5 2 USD
FTSE Offexchange FTSE 10 8.308 1 GBP
Product Name Symbol Contract Size USD Tick P&L Digit Quote Currency
BR. Pound Offexchange BP 62500 6.25 4 USD
Canadian Dollar Offexchange CD 100000 10 4 USD
AU. Dollar Offexchange AD 100000 10 4 USD
Euro FX Offexchange EC 125000 12.5 4 USD
New Zeland Dollar Offexchange NZ 100000 10 4 USD
J.Yen Offexchange JY 125000 12.5 4 USD
Swiss Franc Offexchange SF 125000 12.5 4 USD

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